Fruit Presses



6 Liter Model (5.3 Gallons)
12L (3.2 Gallons)
18L (4.8 Gallons)
30L (8 Gallons)

Fruit presses
Solid Oak wood wine presser
Thread type pressing device
Cast iron handle
Mesh Press Basket Liner Bags
Environmental friendly surface treatment
CE approval
LFGB Approval





12L (3.2 Gallons)
18L (4.8 Gallons)
30L (8 Gallons)
75 Liter Model (19.9 Gallons)

Oak wine press
Straining bag
Winery equipment





6 Liter Model (5.3 Gallons)
12L (3.2 Gallons)
18L (4.8 Gallons)

Oak wine press
Straining bag
Winery equipment



36 Liter Model (9.5 Gallons)
72L (19 Gallons)


Commercial quality, larger-capacity presses: Whether you have a few apple trees
or a full orchard or vinyard, the Maximizer provides the top quality construction
and superior design features you want. This is the Sherman Tank of fruit presses.
Its frame has the strength to withstand tremendous pressure, and the acme-threaded
forcing screw and solid ratchet mechanism make it easy to create that pressure.
With a WEIVO press you can quickly and easily develop pressures that will send
other presses to the wood-scrap heap. And higher pressure spells higher juice
yields and more production in less time.
Fast tip-off design: With the pull of a single pin, the WEIVO's upper yoke tips
fully out of your way for full basket loading-and-unloading access. The speed
and convenience of this design can't be overstated for high volume operation.
Best materials: A frame made of 3/16" wall thickness steel tubing combines
with a solid oak pressing basket and stainless steel pan to make the WEIVO
a press you'll enjoy using for many years.
Feaures of the WEIVO fruit press:
Reversible ratchet turns 1" diameter Acme screw & creates extreme pressure with little effort
3/4" high strength solid steel handle
Commercial duty construction of 3/16" wall thickness steel tubing
Full stainless steel juice pan with 1" drain pipe
Heavy duty solid oak basket
Upper frame yoke tips 90° to side easily for full basket access
Two models: 5.3 gallon or 9.5 gallon pulp capacity
Wide, low stance for great stability
Fruit press works equally well for apples, grapes, other fruits, wine press
Assembles in minutes without tools
Cleans up fast with a garden hose
1 year manufacturer's warranty
Basket dimensions: 14.75" H x 11.5" OD x 10" ID (inside diameter)
Includes steel-reinforced hardwood pressing plate
Modular design disassembles quickly without tools for easy handling
Oak basket staves should be sealed before first use




Fruit Crusher

7 Liter Model (1.8 Gallons) Hopper
15L (4 Gallons) Hopper

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