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The sample fee can be return after the purchase of USD150 goods within 30 days.
First take the kind of purchase, wholesale security!
30 days after payment to take samples, two shop purchase over 1000 yuan to return the sample fee.
Samples were shipped, don't pick, pick the color code, and each buyer purchase of 1 parts.
Take the sample price of USD20 / piece
The number of samples of 10
The sample shows that the spot
The freight and the product freight agreement.

Surface treatment

Sandblasting, painting, spraying, electroplating, oxidation etc.


Aluminium alloy

Molding process

High pressure casting



The sampling period


The processing cycle


Maximum annual processing capacity



Product material: environmentally friendly aluminum alloy ADC12, A380, A360 etc..
Surface treatment: blasting, sandblasting, polishing, fuel injection, powder, oxidation, electroplating
Packaging: simple packaging. (can also be based on customer demand for packaging)
Aluminum pressure product introduction
Aluminum die casting is a kind of pressure casting parts, die casting is the use of installed pressure casting machinery die casting machine, feeding the heating is aluminium or aluminium alloy casting liquid into the mouth by die casting machine, die casting machine casting, cast aluminum parts or parts of aluminum alloy shape and size of mold restriction, such parts are usually called aluminum die casting. Aluminum die castings have different names in different places, such as aluminum die-casting parts, die casting aluminum parts, aluminum die-casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum die casting, aluminum alloy parts etc..

The advantages of WEIVO:
1 high precision aluminum alloy castings, can control the tolerance +-0.02
2 new YIZUMI die-casting machine, aluminum alloy die castings can be controlled without sand holes, no pitting
3 die casting products of uniform density, is not easy to fracture, deformation, stable quality
4 for more than 20 years experience in die casting
5 production equipment improvement

Company introduction
The factory area: 16000M2
The number of workers: about 230 people certification: ISO9001:2008                                                                                                                                             

The main equipmen




Zinc, aluminum alloy die-casting



 Die casting machine

9 SETS(160T-900T)


CNCMachining center



 CNC lathe




Production process

Die casting / post processing of /CNC finishing / polishing / plating / injection (powder) / oxidation / sand / shot blasting / passivation




Product application

Communication / furniture fittings / electronic accessories / radiator / motor shell \LED\ car accessories \ machinery and equipment spare parts etc.


1 customers drawings or samples to

2 drawings, technical review, mold

The 3 quote,

4 start to open mold

5 play version of sample (2-3 working days),

6 samples confirmed (also determine the production quality standard),

7 big goods production (place an order after 1 working days to production schedule)

8 delivery


Shop display


Mould workshop:

Mould workshop

Die casting workshop:


CNC precision machining workshop


Deburring workshop

Deburring workshop

Polishing workshop


Teflon coating production line



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