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machine kinfe

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mechanical knife

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mechanical knives

Mechanical Blade 3


machine knife

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mechanical blade

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machine blade

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mechanical blade

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Materials:high-speed steel,alloy tool steel,SKH51,SKD11,SKS7, SK2,Cr12Mov,H13,9CrSi,6CrW2Si,W6Mo5Cr4V2,YG8,YT15,P20,K30 or buyer order, and spectrometer testing materials.
Heat treatment cutlery hardness in HRC63-65.
Used in the industry of punching and shearing,such as printing,paper making,paper box,forest,metallurgy,rubber,plastic,food,light spinning,electric apparatus,light industry etc.
food industry knife
plastic industry blade
ultra-thin special-shaped blade
cemented alloy series blade
spinning series blade
garden mechanism series blade
wood machining series blade
woodwork mechanism blade
CNC dies and punching tools
cutting series blade
cold shearing series blade
hot shearing blade
pipe cutting series blade
paper making blade
printing & packing blade

Mechanical Blade

Mechanical Blade,machine knife,machine blade,mechanical knife


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