2000 Boxes/hour

3000 Boxes/hour


Asepsis Box Packing Machine


Main technical parameters :
the speed:2000 boxes/hour
packaging capacity : 250ml
Good quality period:Milk/6 month
Juice/12 months
Power : 10Kw
380v/220v 50Hz
Size:5880 × 2380 × 4280mm

Using pure passer : canned milk, yogurt, juice, tea beverage
packaging paper and composite materials : brick-carton packaging.
Control equipment operating characteristics : the man-machine interface
Japan's Mitsubishi industrial procedures
Japan's Mitsubishi PLC Programmable Frequency Control
Japan's Mitsubishi inverter
low-voltage electrical appliances : Siemens pneumatic components
Japanese SMC ,lubrication oil lubrication system allocation ratio
aseptic automation system : the latest patented technology
Seal and Filling :electromagnetic induction without filling the air


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