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WEIVO's commitment to social responsibility

WEIVO is committed to building the best engineered meat processing machine, helping change the way butcher around the world use technology. Just as WEIVO is dedicated to providing innovative technologies, the company is equally devoted to ensuring that its products, employees, sites and suppliers are following the commitments it has made to socially responsible business practices.

WEIVO embraces the values of customer service, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and integrity. WEIVO seeks to integrate these core values into every aspect of its business and into policies and procedures in areas of quality and safety for products, employee welfare, managing a global supply chain, ethical corporate behavior, social investments and environmental affairs.

Promoting product quality and safety

WEIVO’s quality is linked to the value of its products. Both quality and safety are important to WEIVO, and the company is continually raising the bar by developing and evaluating new safety initiatives.

WEIVO is focused on the safety of its products throughout the entire lifecycle, from manufacturing, transportation and installation to use, service and disposal. WEIVO strives to ensure that its products meet all applicable legal requirements and voluntary safety and ergonomics practices to which the company subscribes wherever its products are sold.

Through stringent emphasis on product safety and quality, WEIVO is achieving high customer satisfaction, and delivering quality long life no noise products, solutions and services.

Focus on employee welfare

WEIVO’s people are its greatest asset, and the company is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. WEIVO equips employees with products and equipment that are safe for use. The company also focuses on implementing and improving processes and controls for preventing work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.

WEIVO offers competitive compensation packages and abides by applicable minimum wage requirements in every country and region where it operates, and is recognized as a leading employer around the world.

Maintaining high ethical standards

WEIVO is committed to the highest standards of integrity and responsibility when working with all stakeholders. WEIVO provides guidance to its employees on a wide range of ethical issues, such as reporting unlawful or inappropriate conduct, respecting and protecting intellectual property, trading in securities and complying with governmental relations.

Employees are required to report any evidence of fraud, unethical business conduct, a violation of laws, danger to health or safety or any other violation of corporate policies.

WEIVO respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and individuals.



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